BNA (alpha)


  • RSS reader
  • This is one interesting program (as input, this program uses RSS FEED from websites) that brings you all the time only the information you need that day, moment, or evening. You just enter necessary keywords and internet addresses and ENGINE will do job for you. For example, you will drink coffee, ENGINE from the other side will work all the time, read all those data for you and help you to stay informed in real time. Of course you can choose any scenario and keep in database for further use. When happend, something important to you, if you want to stay current ...

    Usage of BNA

    Let's say you perform certain activity, under conditions in which time is a critical resource. Want the latest information about market products, consumer behavior, competition, suppliers, potential market opportunities. In this case, for example, enter keywords and internet addresses of sources you trust, then save it in the database for future searches. Start the ENGINE and application will visit the internet continually in front of you. You will see information , that will come for example every 15 minutes in left box for every area you want. When you want, you will send data in right box for reading. Also there is an option for viewing complete article in your default browser.

    Watch video about BNA

    Let's begin.
    1)   Menu. All commands you will find in this area are available in bar section too.
    Item - manage your data in database for further use. Collect data, scenarios in database.
    Scenario - Manages scenarios which will be sent to the engine for search.
    Engine- Starts, stops engine, also button for exit.
    2)   Same commands as section 1.
    3)   This area you will use for input. I know input is not user friendly, but this is a first version. Second box is for keywords (only one in trial), third (textarea) is for addresses (RSS, xml files on internet).
    In production mode keywords and addresses you will enter separated by comma.
    4)   Inbox (a place where information comes first). You will move mouse over this area to send data in Section 5.
    5)   This box you will use for reading news or simply you will click on link and open a page in your default browser.

    6)  This table is for displaying data from Item and Scenario.
    This is a short explanation of BNA.

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