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This cross-screen - Hyper-csual game was launched by PSWAPPS on 8 Jan 2021. This game is not related to memory but the behavior and temper of the player. It is not so easy to play. This game is for teenagers to produce patients in them and also to make them learn about the obstacles of life and how one should overcome them even after failing again and again with their consistency and patience. When you open the game on-screen, four blocks are appeared, one above the other in a parallel manner, and are moving left to right constantly. Two circles are also present on the game screen. The process of down right circle is to rotate the other circle. This could be done by holding and draging it with finger tip. The other circle has to pass these obstacles and reach the destination. But every time the player tries to do so, constantly moving obstacles hinder the path of rotating ring and halt it to get the final position. One has to be consistent and patient while playing this game because this can not be done in a single try. After several attempts, player becomes able to reach the ending spot, thus developing the players' endurance. These games are highly recommended as they are easy to play and do put any negative impact on players rather produce tolerance in them and enhance their memory.

Cross The Screen