Remember Sound Effects - memory game

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The working of this game is very simple. In the first step, three bars having question marks appear on the screen. Below two question marks produce two sounds; these two sounds can be different or the same. In the third question bar, a sound grew that can be different from the previous two sounds or any of them. Then a question appears on the screen whether this last sound you hear twice or once when the player answers the question on this memory's strength. If its answer is correct, then the level of game upgrades. The number of sounds to remember increases at every next level, and the same question pops up on the screen, and the player has to answer it depending upon his or her remembering ability. It is a very simple and easy game, best for children. Most memory games involve alphabets, words, or different numbers. Children do not take much interest in such games. But this memory game is unique as it makes the player strengthen his or her memory by keeping in mind the sound effects and comparing them with other sounds to check whether the player's mentality can remember the texture and volume of sound. This game is launched by PSWAPPS and released on 20 Jan 2021.The other most important feature of this app is that it tells about its access to different permission groups in one's phone.

Remember Sound Effects