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This version is similar to the desktop version. Also, there are some improvements as well as some of the features that were not implemented and existed in the desktop version.


I'll say something about the functionality of the application for those who did not read the description of the desktop version. This app "visits" pre-saved internet addresses (visits their RSS FEED xml files). These addresses have been previously stored in the database by the user, as well as the keywords by which search will be done within one interest. App can handle many interests and all of them together make the appropriate SCENARIO. So this is what will go in ENGINE and what will be the subject of processing. In addition, there is a database table of interests that are not currently the subject of the search and are not part of the SCENARIO. Those interests can be easily activated and included in SCENARIO at any time. So the application is not only a content collector. It performs a very serious search of the material (from internet). App can track all the changes on websites that we select for very specific words (details) in real time (it can do it all day). In this way, we make our own journals, a combination of the news that we want with those addresses we trust. So the news are not what somebody said, because we control the data. So a slightly different way of informing.

Search engine

Search engine is far from what it was in the desktop application. This is a part that I'm particularly proud of. It's a very powerful engine. The application at the top of the search results sends results with a higher number of hits. Also, within the results with the same number of hits, priority is given to those in which the keywords appeared multiple times. When we are not sure about the word, we will write the root of the word to include this word with different suffixes and prefixes in the search results. Search "pays attention" to the Serbian Cyrillic, and searches for the Serbian language in Cyrillic and Latin.


I'll start from settings. You can set the home page, also whether you want to load the page that was opened before the restart or quit the application when the application starts. In the menu you can choose:

  • Search,
  • Back,
  • Forward,
  • Clear history,
  • Open in default browser,
  • Send URL to manage.

Functions are clear. The function -search- is for quicker operation enabled on the keyboard by pressing the arrow. If user wants,he can open link directly in default browser. When interest is shown in the app's web browser, the titles are links. By pressing the link, the requested page opens in the application's browser. If page is loaded, the address is also displayed. Only if the address is displayed, user can select - Open in the default browser-. This gives you a better viewing experience. Although, webview in the application can offer pretty good experience.Even video can be viewed. Of course, this requires a regular update of WEBVIEW control. -Send an address to Data manager is set up to facilitate URL manipulation. It's not easy to find all those rss feeds on a default browser, and then send them to form, add, and so on. So, one of the reasons why the web browser exists in the app is because, it is comfortable for user to find the URL for RSS FEED on one page and then simply send to another page (URL) to manage (Data manager - field addresses). After adding addresses, user will move to the other page, add keywords, and complete saving of interest.


In the settings, you can choose whether you want to display the time of the publication of each search result, the address from which it comes, or the keywords. I wrote about the time intervals in which the application visits web addresses. It is possible to define the time between "visits" of two interests as well as the time for updating all interests. The scenario menu as well as the entire menu is adapted to the current page of the application you are in. The options will not be the same on the Home page as well as on the Data manager page.

Options are:

  • Show scenario list,
  • Get scenario,
  • Get interest,
  • New articles,
  • Read scenario titles,
  • Report (scenario),
  • Add item to scenario,
  • Update,
  • Delete item from scenario,
  • Delete all items from scenario,
  • Send item to support list.

-Show scenario list gives an overview of the interests that will be processed.
-Get scenario, takes all interests within the current scenario.
-Get interest, take the last interest treated by the application.
-New articles, a command to get articles that are new in comparison to the previous search.
- Read titles of the scenario, allows us to let the app read the titles of the entire scenario in the selected language for us. The order may not be the same as when you read it by yourself, anyway this feature is useful. For now, there is a support for 4 languages ​​(select one in settings).
- The report - is formed after the circle ends, after completing a scenario. The report shows the number of hits for each address (keywords related are also displayed) and also number of new articles.
- Add item - adds an item to scenario , from Data Manager page. It is also possible to add it by sending an item from the support list.
-Update- , updates the data in the Scenario list. It is done through the Data Manager.
-Delete interest from the list- as well -Display entire scenario - are clear commands. Of course it is necessary to open the Data Manager first.
-Send item to support list is the feature wich allows a user to save data for another use.

Support list

This list is part of the database, and can be manipulated through a special drop-down menu. When you are on the Data manager page, you have options:

  • Add interest to the list,
  • Update,
  • Delete item from list,
  • Delete all items,
  • Send item to scenario.

I already explained functions in case of scenario.

Simple reader

This refers to a simple function (RSS reader). If you do not like the search engine, you can still use the application as a simple reader. In the settings, turn off the ENGINE and use the application to read the whole page content. User can create a list of links from which the app will read, so the news from the sites will appear in the order you specified (in the list). It is possible to display list, read from list , display it to change, save and delete list. The list will be formed, as well as changed by using the -Addresses- field in the Data Manager.


The notification is activated on the occasion of a new interest visit, as well as the update of all interests. You can choose between tones, vibrations and speech.


The application does not have the option of automatic entering the .txt file, which was possible in the desktop version. For questions, please use the contact form of the website.