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It is quite the same as remembering sound effects, but in this game, instead of sounds, the player has to remember the signs. Likewise, three different bars with question marks appear on the screen. Two below blocks first show other signs, then in the third bar that appears on the top of these two, a sign pops up in this bar, and the last two signs in the below bars disappear. The real game starts now when one has to tell which below bar has the same symbol that is now shown in the upper bar. With each step, the number of bars increases, and the game becomes tougher and tougher. The use of signs makes this game interesting and tough as well. To memorize the shape of or a number of those shapes in each block and their location in these blocks and then to compare them with the new one is quite a thing to do. To ensure the security of mobile phones, this game first-hand tells about all the phone features to which it can get access, thus helping in deciding whether one wants to install this app or not. . This very easy play in the first levels, but as the level increases, the level of tension also got hyper that's why it's called the hyper-casual game.

Test Your Memory